Five Benefits of Ayurvedic Body Massage

The fast paced lifestyle of today means our body is prone to a number of diseases. Daily consumption of processed foods, hidden harsh chemicals in the cosmetics bring our immunity down. Even the medicines for diabetes, blood pressure and many other health conditions are not free from side effects.

By reconnecting with nature we can progress towards a better living. The ancient science of life Ayurveda endorses maintaining bonds with nature. We could derive benefits of AYURVEDA to improve and enrich our life. Ayurvedic massages are becoming very popular today. The benefits are numerous.

Natural Oil: The oils used for Ayurvedic massage are 100% herbal. No chemicals, artificial preservative, colours are used into these oils. Thus the body doesn’t take in any toxins during an Ayurvedic massage. In fact it absorbs natural oils which are good for our system. Such oils are adapted to the body type. At an Ayurveda centre, such as The Sherwood Clinic London, each client would be assessed by an Ayurveda practitioner to ascertain their body type. Specific Ayurvedic oil suitable for him or her would be prescribed. A full body massage would melt away the muscle tension and toxins with the customary anointment of herb-infused warm oils which infiltrate deeply in order to bring the true relaxation and balance of your senses, body, and mind.

Universally effective: Ayurvedic messages are universally effective irrespective of the geographic location, food habit, age, situation or lifestyle of the client. It is beneficial for those who are from hilly regions, deserts, coastal regions or plains. It benefits pregnant women, children, and people in stress, people suffering from any chronic diseases and healthy people. The key to a good Ayurveda massage is prior individual assessment to determine your body type.

Medical improvement: The Ayurvedic message has a number of medical benefits. This type of message invigorates and relaxes the entire body. A specific head and face Ayurvedic massage would improve vision. It is beneficial for insomnia, increases overall immunity of the body, tones the tissues, increases blood circulation, and stimulates various internal organs. It Pacifies Pitta and Vata. Another Ayurvedic massage “Udvartana” will help in eliminating kapha. For a healthy individual, a good massage would harmonize all three doshas viz vata, pitta and kapha.

Stay Young: Those who are striving to stay young and get rid of the age lines and wrinkles; Ayurvedic massage is the most natural way to restore their complexion and beauty. The essential oils used during the Ayurvedic treatment are natural and pure and have a number of benefits for the skin. Also the motion of the message is so designed that your face muscles will become fresh and smooth with similar effect to having a botox injection but of course without any side effects!

This will not only takes away aging effect from your face but also give it a rejuvenated glow

Stress Relief: If you have a hectic life style and a very busy schedule which is adversely affecting your body you should find relief in an Ayurvedic massage. Ayurvedic massages will not only sooth the senses and body tissues which have been stressed but also impart new and fresh energy. It will make you feel more relaxed and free of tensions. Your body gets rejuvenated after an Ayurvedic massage.