Events & News at The Sherwood Clinic, Harrow

Since its opening in October 2004, The Sherwood Clinic, a Physiotherapy, Sports injuries, Heart Health and Rehabilitation Centre in harrow has been genuinely committed to raise health awareness in the community. The clinic was officially opened by the then Mayor of Harrow, Councillor Lurlene Champagne and has been highly reputed for providing the expert professional and personalised service for people needing physiotherapy & complete rehabilitation including podiatry, speech and occupational therapy as well as other holistic therapies such as acupuncture, reflexology & massage.

 What makes Sherwood stand way above other physiotherapy practices? The practice principal Sushma Sanghvi believes that their strength lies in providing a complete rehabilitation package built on the individual needs of the client. Therefore rehabilitation of a back or neck problem does not cease after successful physiotherapy treatment sessions.

The clients are often offered clinical Pilates & yoga workshops run at the rehab gym in Sherwood and the exercises are tailored around their specific problems. The prevention of recurrence of the problem is the goal of the therapy team at Sherwood.

At Sherwood, we hold free health events regularly in order to provide guidance and assist the community to find effective health solutions and encourage participation in their own health management.

We invite specialist and very experienced consultants and health care professionals to address a specific health issue.





Past events

Integrative Medicine CPD Event 3: 16th November 2013

Ayurveda Open Evening: 17th September 2013

Integrative Medicine CPD Event 2: 15th June 2013

Integrative Medicine CPD Event 1: 24th November 2012

Yoga Benefits Beyond Flexibility-2011

Know your pulse June 2009

Open Evening, Wednesday 1st April 2009

Fitness, Wellbeing, Relax April 2006

International Womens Day 8th March 2006

Knee replacement and RSI November 2007

National Backcare Awareness Week October 2004

National Physiotherapy Week June 2005

National Physiotherapy Week June 2006

Open Evening March 2005

Open Evening October 2004

The International Womens Day 8th March 2007

The Management of Low Back Pain November 2005

Yoga Workshop for Heart Health November 2006


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