Deep Tissue Massage in Stanmore

At The Sherwood Clinic in Stanmore, sports massage is offered by experienced therapists.
At the Stanmore Clinic, the therapists provide deep tissue massage for pain resulting from tight and tense muscle tissues.
Deep tissue massage is very effective for pain resulting from many musculoskeletal conditions such as chronic muscular pain, injury rehabilitation, low back pain, recovery following injuries such as whiplash, and reduced mobility.

Neck and back pain can result from poor posture, wear and tear, and overuse injuries. Many a time, a bad posture which can be due to the poorly designed non-ergonomic workstation can result in tightness of muscles around the neck and upper back. It can affect the lower back also. If not corrected, the deep muscles get knotted resulting in constant ache or pain and this can affect the quality of life.

Conditions such as impingement of the shoulder or wear and tear of the knee joint (osteoarthritis) can be very painful and will affect the surrounding soft and deep tissues which become tight as a result. Piriformis syndrome is a condition when the muscle in the buttock gets into spasm and can put pressure on the sciatic nerve. As a result, the pain can radiate down to the back of the leg and sometimes to the calf too. The common cause of piriformis syndrome is an overuse injury. A few sessions of deep tissue massage can successfully help to relieve the tight piriformis and thus release the sciatic nerve.

A deep tissue massage is a form of Swedish massage therapy with an emphasis on specific areas of pain and tightness. Specific techniques such as friction and gliding are used to work on knotted tissues, gradually breaking down the adhesions, which helps to improve the circulation in the affected area and this, in turn, helps to relieve inflammation.

You will have a consultation by the therapist first to identify the problem areas. Our experienced physiotherapists work together with the massage therapists and if necessary, you may have a consultation with one of our physiotherapists first.

For further information, current offers and to book your appointment, call our office on 0208 860 0000.

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