Q. Do I need a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy treatment?
A.No, you can refer yourself to physiotherapy.
If you are planning to use your private health cover, we do recommend that you contact your private health insurance company, as they may require a GP referral to authorize reimbursement of treatment charges.

Q. Is the cost of Physiotherapy covered by medical insurance?
A. Yes, if the Physiotherapist is Chartered and HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) registered. All physiotherapists at The Sherwood Clinic are members of the CSP and registered with HCPC. Our podiatrists are registered with HCPC. It is advisable to contact your health insurance company before starting treatment as you would need to obtain pre-authorization from them.

Q. Is Physiotherapy treatment appropriate for back and neck problems or is it only useful for muscle injuries?
A. Chartered Physiotherapists are qualified to treat all spinal problems. In fact, a large percentage of their workload is made up of neck and back problems.

Q. How does Chartered Physiotherapy differ from the “alternative” forms of healing?
A. The methods used by “alternative” therapies differ widely, but most of the theories and principles which govern them are included as standard practice in Chartered Physiotherapy.

Q. How do I know if a Physiotherapist is fully qualified?
A. All Chartered Physiotherapists have undergone the required training and passed the necessary exams to enable them to practice. They will have the letters MCSP and HCPC registered after their names showing that they are also members of the HCPC.

Q. What is Electrotherapy?
A. Electrotherapy includes Ultrasound and Interferential treatments. They are the use of electrical energy waves that affect tissues by reducing swelling, pain, and muscle spasm and strengthen muscles. Thus it promotes healing.

Q. Can a Physiotherapist manipulate?
A. Yes, all Chartered Physiotherapists with the appropriate postgraduate training can manipulate.

Q. How quickly can I be seen?
A. We will always try to offer an appointment on that same day or within 24 hours.

Q. What should I wear?
A. The therapist will need to see the affected body part, for the lower limbs bring shorts, for back problems the therapist may require you to undress to your underwear.

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