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Massages/Acupuncture and Well Being therapies at The Sherwood Clinic, Harrow
Massage has a unique place in traditional Indian medicine – Ayurveda. Abhyanga is the traditional Sanskrit name for massage. It assists the development of a healthy body, helps in the improvement of body figure, recuperates body tissues, and helps to reduce body weight as well as fat.  In addition to this, it has curative effects based on the pharmacological actions of the drugs used in the processing of the oil.

This therapy for manipulation of the skin, soft tissues, and muscles is highly recommended for routine practice for a healthy person as well as a therapeutic procedure in abating and eliminating the pathological processes playing havoc in the body tissues.

Indian massage-Abhyanga is known to cleanse the skin, improve body complexion, help to maintain the softness and luster of the skin, restore its natural immunity, rejuvenate body tissues, promote health and delay the aging process. It reduces the effect of trauma, helps to overcome anxiety and stress as well as mental fatigue. It relaxes the muscle and improves physical strength. It improves eyesight and induces sound sleep.

Specific massages for various conditions such as sciatica, stroke, osteoarthritis of knees, neck, and back pain are provided under the guidance of the expert Ayurveda consultant at the Sherwood Clinic, Harrow.

These include Griva Vasti(  oil massage therapy for neck pain due to spondylitis, neuralgia, repetitive strain), Janu Vasti ( oil massage therapy for knee pain including osteoarthritis), Kati vasti ( oil massage therapy for low back pain, sciatica, spondylosis), Padabhyanga ( cracks, peripheral vascular disease, plantar fasciitis, degenerative disease, calcaneal spur).

At Sherwood, we specialize in Ayurveda assessment and treatments. Oils used are carefully selected for the patient’s constitution and detailed advice regarding self-management is also provided.

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