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Abundant vitality is what we all strive for….that gets up and go spirit that makes life much easier and so much more fun!

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Along with diet, exercise is one of the vital components in helping us acquire more energy and ongoing vigor. A prime aspect of therapies offered at The Sherwood Clinic revolves around physical exercise. All classes are tailored to suit your individual health needs.

Why exercise at The Sherwood Clinic?

A natural question when there are many gyms and leisure centers. Physical activity is essential for everyone, for people in good health to remain healthy and for people who may have limitations due to health issues such as joint and muscle pain, arthritis, stiffness in joints, a heart condition, or simply those who have not exercised before.

Exercise classes at sherwood clinic Exercise training

We specialize in exercise prescription that takes into account any specific health issues and still achieve your goals (improve fitness, stamina, core muscle strength and flexibility, help to lose weight).

Our chartered physiotherapists will assess you and plan an exercise program tailored to your needs. And this is not where we stop! Each session is delivered by an exercise specialist physiotherapist in a small group set up. You will have support and supervision throughout the session. Our physiotherapists will ensure that you progress with your exercise. If you had a setback, they will be there to modify your exercise and guide you.

This is where you will gain confidence and build your stamina despite your limitations.

Our classes are carried out in our well-equipped gym with changing and shower facilities. It is possible to attend sessions individually. You will be offered one-to-one support from a physiotherapist during individual sessions.

To book your complimentary consultation and to find out about class timings, call us on 0208 869 0000

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