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Spinal, muscular and joint problems

Spinal muscular and joint problems

At The Sherwood Clinic, we have a team of chartered musculoskeletal physiotherapists, acupuncturists, and a podiatrist who specialize in the treatment of these conditions, to STOP PAIN and PREVENT REOCCURENCES!

Through years of experience and evidence-based on most current research, we believe that a combination of manual treatment and muscle re-education is the most effective treatment. Manual treatment such as manipulation, joint, and soft tissue mobilization, muscle energy techniques, and other modalities including electrotherapy and acupuncture help restore normal movement and eliminate pain.

back and neck painAt The Sherwood Clinic, one of the most common problems we encounter is back and/or neck pain. Indeed more than 2 million people a year will visit their GP with a new episode of back pain (National Back Pain Association).

Back pain is one of the most disabling musculoskeletal conditions, from localized muscle spasm which can limit all movement in the back, to referred pain like “sciatica”.

Our pain management extends to a specific and individually tailored muscle re-education as well as a rehabilitation program, where following pain relief with therapies and in some instances following injection therapy (steroid and anti-inflammatory injections in the joint), we support you to restore the correct control and timing in the stabilizing muscles to ensure long term stability as well as improving your stamina. The aim is to work with YOU to develop your skills in managing your condition successfully to avoid recurrences.

Postural problems 
At The Sherwood Clinic, we are able to carry out an assessment of your posture/alignment and muscle function even if you don’t have pain, to ensure that you have a healthy body. If you spend long periods at your desk you should have an ergonomic assessment.

During your first appointment, a comprehensive consultation is carried out by an experienced physiotherapist. This will enable us to confirm the diagnosis. Your therapist will discuss the outcome of the assessment with you and then formulate a treatment plan. This will consist of individual sessions and possibly a choice of workshops in our well-equipped rehab-gymnasium at a later date as appropriate.

We use varieties of treatment modalities based on the latest research evidence. Manipulation, joint and soft tissue mobilization and, electrotherapy including ultrasound, interferential therapy, traction, acupuncture, exercise therapy to improve muscle strength, flexibility and core stability are some of the treatments we offer for our clients with joint and muscle problems. Prevention of recurrences is the core principle on which our treatments are based.

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All our treatments are based on the biopsychosocial approach.

This perspective is based on the understanding that illness is not the same as the disease, but it is a subjective experience. Individuals with the ‘same’ disease can differ in their experiences of illness, well-being, and quality of life – and responses to treatment. The illness experience is affected by personality factors, lifestyle, socioeconomic and psycho-social resources, social support.

People vary in their coping strategies, motivation, desire for information, and control. Our therapists are more than just ‘hands-on’ practitioners – they enable clients to become an active member of the treatment team.

Our team also helps families/ caregivers to use their own resources, gain information, stay motivated, focus on personally meaningful goals, and to learn coping skills.

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