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Sports Injuries Treatment Mill Hill, Edgware at The Sherwood Clinic
Physiotherapists play a key role in the treatment of sports injuries. Depending on the nature of the sport, an injury can result from a simple muscle strain to a ligament sprain, tear, or even a fracture.

Some of the common sports injuries are:

Sports InjuriesMuscle strain (hamstrings, groin, quadriceps, calf are some of the commonly affected muscles).
Ligament sprain (such as cruciate ligament and/or collateral ligament in the knee joint, ankle, or wrist ligament sprain).
Tendinopathy (Achilles tendon, patella tendon, tennis or golfer’s elbow).
Rotator Cuff Injury (affecting a group of muscles around the shoulder joint).
Lower Back Pain
Neck Pain
Foot Pain

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy recommends following PRICE guidelines:

Protection, Rest/optimal loading, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Protection: taping, supports/splints, modifying activity/relative rest
Rest/Optimal loading: gradually loading the tissues in a gentle manner relative to the state of injury and repair. This is best done under the guidance of a physiotherapist.
Ice: cold compress, cold water immersion in the first 24-48 hours of healing.
Compression: strapping, compression garments when appropriate e.g. acute joint swelling.
Elevation: placing the injured part/limb higher than the level of the heart.

Chartered physiotherapists work with you to train for a particular sport and provide invaluable guidance and therapy to prevent injury. If an injury does occur, the physiotherapist would be able to assess and diagnose, provide immediate treatment, and will be able to plan your treatment and rehabilitation aiming to return back to the sport.

The Chartered physiotherapists at The Sherwood Clinic, Chartwell House, Edgware provide expert sports injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Some of the therapies used at The Sherwood Clinic include ShockwaveTherapy, Sports Massage, Manual Therapy, Exercise, and complete RehabilitationProgramme tailored specifically for you.

If you are an elite sportsperson or are planning to take up sports/exercise to improve your health and fitness, we can work with you to optimize your fitness safely to avoid the injuries, in the event of an injury, treat it to provide effective pain relief and further manage it with appropriate physiotherapy and rehabilitation measures.

Do call us on 0208 869 0000 or email us: for further information and treatment.

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