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Treatments @ The Sherwood Clinic in Edgware
Physiotherapy plays an integral part in the management of sports injuries. The aim is to treat and fully rehabilitate the athlete post-injury, post-operatively, to prevent further injury and to return the athlete to the sport in the shortest possible time.
There is a wide range of proven and documented approaches to treatment from which to choose. Prompt assessment and diagnosis are vital in the successful treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

Injuries can only be successfully treated when the cause of the problem is fully investigated and corrected; therefore, a detailed history is important to find the location, nature, behavior, and onset of symptoms. At The Sherwood Clinic, Edgware and Harrow our chartered physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of all sports injuries.

Without proper rehabilitation, the individual may return to sport too soon, with residual instability, weakness, and imbalance. Individual programs must be planned and implemented. It is obvious that prevention is better than cure and the physiotherapist will always advise the patient on how to prevent recurrence of the injury on return to sport.

Early and effective treatment is essential not only for the serious athlete but for the individual who enjoys exercise at any level. On so many levels, it is, after all, a good thing to keep active, and at our clinics in Edgware and Harrow, our physiotherapists experienced in dealing with sports injuries will guide you with a rehab program, ensuring you remain active.


  • Knee injuries (Ligament, Muscle, Meniscal, Weakness, Inflammation & more)
  • Shoulder Problems (Rotator Cuff, Frozen Shoulder, AC Joint, Restricted movement
  • Elbow / Wrist Conditions

Some of the therapies provided for sports injuries at The Sherwood Clinic in Edgware and Harrow are Shockwave Therapy (particularly beneficial for Achilles Tendinopathy, Patellar Tendinopathy, Tennis elbow, supraspinatus Tendinopathy – Shoulder), eccentric training, ultrasound, sports massage and deep tissue release, dry needling and acupuncture, exercise rehabilitation.

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