Sports Massage in Harrow

At The Sherwood Clinic in Harrow, sports massage is offered by experienced therapists.
The Sherwood Clinic offers Sports Massage services in Harrow, London. This therapy will relieve aching muscles, regain tissue flexibility, and promote a speedy recovery. Contact us for Sports Massage today.”

Mountain climbing injuryDo you have painful muscles following a strenuous exercise session, running, cycling, trekking, mountain climbing, or playing a sport such as a football? A good sports massage will relieve aching muscles, regain tissue flexibility, and improve circulation and thus enhance recovery.

Sports massage involves the manipulation of soft tissues including skin, fascia, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The therapist applies various techniques on the soft tissues to initially induce relaxation and then gradually building up more pressure to increase circulation, identify areas that require more attention, increase flexibility within tissues, separating adhesions, help break up any scar tissue and promote healing.

Sports massage should be undertaken before and after the exercise or sport to prevent injury, to improve soft tissue mobility so as to enhance performance and aid recovery following the activity.

Sports massage when combined with healthy eating habits and sufficient sleep that our body needs will help to keep the body supple, strong, and flexible.

At The Sherwood Clinic in Harrow, we have a passion for fitness and wellbeing. Our experienced physiotherapists can provide a complimentary consultation prior to your sports massage session, to identify the problem and plan your massage session tailored for your individual need.

Do give us a call on 0208 869 0000 to book your appointment and take advantage of various offers available from time to time.

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